#TOTW (from: 08-12-14) “Be careful what you say to people.”

Short, but maybe not so sweet #TOTW this week. I’ve chosen a retweet from @MrJonnyBenjamin who has been recording his thoughts/feelings as he deals with his mental health problems:

RT from I’ve been vlogging everything in my ‘recoverlogs’ to help others going on the same journey

It comprises a link to 8 short videos, or ‘vlogs’ in which he talks openly about what he is going through. Some might ask why is he doing this, but he seems to me that he’s doing it in order to help both himself and others who may be experiencing similar such issues.

The clip I found most interesting, and the one from which I took the title of this update is the 4th one in the series ‘The Cause of the Problem.’ In it he describes where his problems all started, with what appeared to be a throw-away comment from a friend. Hence, his message, “be careful what you say to people.” If you watch only one of the clips, then watch this one.

If you’re interested to learn a bit more about Jonny, then simply enter his name into a search engine and you’ll find plenty of links about him. You can follow him on Twitter on @MrJonnyBenjamin.


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