#TOTW (from 20-10-14): ‘Do not resuscitate’ patient controversy

For this week’s #TOTW i’ve chosen to highlight the issue of DNR or Do Not Resuscitate notices in patient’s notes:

‘Do not resuscitate’ patient controversy

This is a really interesting clip from a regional BBC Inside Out programme (the link to which is provided in the link above). It talks about the issues involved in raising this with patients and their families, and the distress that can result from it not be handled with compassion and sensitivity. I thought it interesting that one of the relatives noted that the person that came to discuss the matter with them did not even introduce themselves. This is not only disappointing and insensitive – under the circumstances – but down right rude and contrary to most health care professionals codes of conduct. It is a basic and common courtesy to introduce yourself to your patient.

Please take the time to watch the short (only 4 mins) clip, and maybe even watch the full Inside out programme to learn a bit more about DNR notices and how you or members of your family may be affected by them.


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