#TOTW (from: 24-09-14) ‘Just what is ageing and how can we change it?’

This week I return to a topic that threads it’s way through most of my tweets in some way shape or form – ageing. I happened across this new website for starters – ‘The Conversation’- and an interesting article by a guy called Joao Pedro de Magalhaes.

So this week’s #TOTW is:

‘Just what is #ageing and how can we change it? @ConversationUK #JoaoPedrodeMagalhaes http://theconversation.com/ageing-isnt-fixed-we-can-manipulate-it-to-live-longer-31808 …’

He talks about the different stages of ageing and how we are manipulating the process to increase longevity.

Well worth a read…and a watch of the short (5 mins) video!



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